Saving Doesn’t Mean Stop Living

Ways to Cure Your Boredom on a Budget

By Daksha Gehani

The whole year, all we students do is yearn for summer vacations and when it finally arrives… gets kind of boring. You can’t exactly sit around all two months of the vacation, binge-watching and eating on the couch (i mean you can but you shouldn’t!). And constantly going out isn’t an option because, well, we’re broke (sigh).

So what can you do to cure your boredom, that doesn’t break your budget?

  1. Kick the bucket!

You most certainly have a bucket list that you wish to fulfil. What better time than now to check off some easy and small items?

Like, learning a new language! Or complete a few online courses in fields that interest you, like Pixar animation!

There’s ample of opportunities to fulfil your small items using the internet. Not only will that cure your boredom, but it will also enhance your knowledge and experience. You get certificates you can add on or a new skill set to note in your resume. Regardless of whether the school is out or not, there is always room for learning.

You could always take up some work to earn income on the side, like freelancing. It would put your skillset to good use and add experience to your career.

Truth is, learning never bores anyone, you just have to be interested int he subject. So learn whatever you want, take advantage of the technology this era has granted us!

  1. Do It Myself

If you want anything done right, do it yourself. If you have been having any plans of redecorating or cleaning your room, organizing your cupboard or a pile of dirty laundry staring at you from across your bed, you need to get up and finish the job.

It may sound boring, but a lot of this can be fun. Redecorating your room would require some supplies and inspiration hunts which is such a ball in itself!

Cleaning your room and organizing your cupboard is a chore, but in the process, you could sing, call some friends over and have fun. Maybe look through some pictures and scrapbooks and take a trip down memory lane.

Turn your chores into a grand time, whether it’s with yourself or with your friends. And later, treat yourself to a nice bubble bath or an hour of binge-watching. At least you’ll have fun and something productive to justify it with.

  1. Explore your hidden creativity!

Whether you have been a creative person your life or not, there is always some hidden creativity in everyone. That stems from what interests you. If you like star wars, maybe watch the old movies and write a review on it for yourself. You ould even post it up on a self-made blog and have some fun that way!

You could take your childhood fairytales and gather your friends to add crazy spins to them! Like what if Ariel (The Little Mermaid)’s mother was actually alive?! And she was a human?!!

Crazy, creative and yet so interesting. The pleasures in life come from the smallest things, explore them with your friends and family. Not every night has to be grand or filled with electronics. Make it old school and have some fun.

You could even learn knitting from your mother/grandmother! The opportunities are endless, old schoolfriend!

  1. Fitness, you can’t miss this!

People either love fitness or really hate it. There’s no in-between. How about reaching that ‘in-between’ for starters?

You could finally go outside from that study lair that deadlines and exams forcefully kept you in. maybe go jogging, do some basic yoga. You could also create a realistic weight goal for yourself and aim to reach it in a certain amount of time. Lost that 10kgs in two months, you can do it!

It will feel alien in the start, you will most certainly hate it if you’re not a regular fitness freak. No pain, no gain right? You will get used to it. Make it more motivating for you, reward yourself with little treats, they could vary from food to leisure time. Use the public gym in yoru neighbourhood park.

This way, not only do you save money by not joining expensive gyms, you also get that vitamin D your body so badly needs.

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