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The pandemic has changed financial priorities for Gen Zs and its understanding of the 'right' products and services. 1/3 of the MENA's population is Gen Z. This generation's influence on family spending alone is over $400 billion in the MENA.
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Winning Generation Z can be hard. It’s a lot harder when you’re running ads to connect to the Gen Z on platforms that don’t work for them. At Finllect, we place education and trust first. By positioning your product offering to Gen Zs in an environment that works for them, we allow you to lower acquisition costs while staying relevant to the world’s largest generation.
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From legancy banks to challengers to fintechs to Gen Z focused brands in any industry or vertical, Finllect is the ultimate channel partner for you to double down on connecting with Gen Zs to help them identify your product’s ultimate value. Improve your life-time customer value and adoption rates through our consortium of tools and bite-sized information made for your customers.
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Making Your Brand Matter

Optimise your rewards and focus on the go-to route to cater to the Gen Z audience. Expand upselling opportunties for your pool of products and services through our rewards program.

Optimise Gen Z Customer Acquisition

Staying relevant to the Gen Z in current times and the post-pandemic world is a whole new game. Prioritise value creation and optimum authentic interact as you focus on ramping your customer acquisition through our Gen Z connectivity channels.

Level Up Your Engagement

Have solutions of your own that are meant for the Gen Z? Create an insightful and truly user-centric content and gamified tools that personalises finance for your community. We curate personalised and meaningful plug and play solutions for your existing fintech offering to expand your Gen Z penetration. Redefine the money mindset of the upcoming generation.

Powering Financial Literacy

There’s no better value than offering the right information to your customers. If you’re looking to foster a truly customer-centric focus, financial education is the enabler for your customers to understand how to make better and informed decisions. Collaborate with us to curate bite-sized, straight forward and engaging financial content that empowers your community on how to budget, save, invest, earn and improve financial wellness.

Pre-Qualify The Consumers of Tomorrow

Speak to the Gen Z in their own language. Boost your conversions while drastically lowering your sales cycles as you help your customers understand why your product or service matters. Position yourself as a strategic partner within our pre-qualification network with leading banks and fintechs that are redefining the fintech landspace.
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Financial Wellbeing at Work

Employees spend between 2-6 hours a week stressing about financial problems at work. Most employees however seek financial guidance at key decision points or when they’re already in crisis. Looking to invest in upskilling your workforce to make the right decisions on time? Get in touch to know more about our financial wellbeing webinars.

Financial Wellbeing for Employees

60% employees are more likely to stay at a company if offered a financial wellness programme. Companies also report a 3 to 1 return on investment through investing in financial wellness. A financial wellness programme within your organisation would also promote more diversity at work, including women in the workforce. Traditional perks are no longer exciting or relevant to your team or culture. Align your organisation’s priorities with your employee wellbeing offerings to optimise your employee productivity. Get exclusive access to our financial planning software to offer financial wellbeing as a perk to your employees.
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