Saving Doesn’t Mean Stop Living

How To Have Fun Without Blowing Up Your Wallet

By Daksha Gehani

Here you are, set on a budget and some saving goals and you’re either left with little money for any sort of leisure.

You think – what could I possibly do with such little money? Everything is expensive, I might as well stay home and eat chips.

Well, there is no need to do so! There are many ways to have fun without blowing up your wallet. You can enjoy your leisure time while meeting your budget and saving goals. You will need to compromise on luxury but fun you will have nonetheless!

  1. Be a Tourist in your own city

There is nothing more charming than finding an exciting place to discover right under your nose. And that place is the city you live in. No matter how long you have lived there, there are always going to be some parts of it you haven’t explored.

You can always explore your city in fascinating ways, using public bikes or public transport. Check out museums in your city and the provinces nearby (student discounts are everywhere!). Check out public libraries if you enjoy reading or visit the various exhibitions (gaming, anime, architecture, design, art, book, etc) held in the city. Take a historical tour if it’s not too expensive, or simply go out to the sea on a small boat with your friends and have a blast!

There are so many options and so many ways, each suited to various personalities. Take your pick or create your own way, but nonetheless explore your city. Youll find corners with the cheapest and best quality food you can find and plazas with the best flea markets ever.

  1. Find a tea house

We all go to coffeehouses and know the various blends and tastes you can achieve with coffee beans. Have you ever wondered the magic tea leaves can produce? Look for a good tea house in your city, where you can taste what tea made from herbal leaves or mint leaves would taste like. Is it better with sugar? Better without?

Is it bitter but oh, after a few sips you realize it suits your taste more than a sugary milk tea?

There many options! Its a small avenue, but one ready for exploration nonetheless. And lord knows, we all could use a little less of caffeine.

  1. DIY Home Theater

Maybe you could invite friends and family over, set up a cosy seating space with fluffy blankets and pillows. Add some fairy lights and project your laptop screen (through either a portable projector or on your big screen TV). and voila!

Discover the wondrous fantasy world of movies! With the right company and microwave popcorn, nothing could go wrong. It will become a beautiful, memorable night filled with movie marathons and fairytales.

Keep in mind, you should mention to your friends that it is only a movie and popcorn night. You can call them over for dinner as well but that will create a dent in the wallet. Unless, of course, you turn it into a potluck. Such fun!

  1. Volunteering

Being a good samaritan is on everyone’s bucket list. Or at least, the desire to volunteer somewhere once. Why not fulfil that now? You might take a liking to it!

There are many avenues on this track – animal shelters, orphanages, homeless shelters, women’s support shelters, children’s support shelters, special needs shelters, people of determination shelters, old age homes, etc.

Every single place, human or animal, needs some help. Your two to five hours would create a world of difference for them. And what better way to sleep soundly at night!

Volunteering is fun and serious at the same time. It requires your focus but is so rewarding at the end of the day. It’s all about hard work and perception. And perhaps, such experiences would change your perspective on life. You’d notice more beautiful things to be grateful for than the negative things to dwell on.

The Bottom Line

There are so many ways to enjoy yourself without denting your wallet, each can suit your personality in different aspects. What you think might not be as interesting as your usual luxuries could turn out to be a game-changer for your usual routine. And maybe on the way, you could view life in a more positive light even when pressed with deadlines and responsibilities (Ugh). That’s the beauty of adult life – bittersweet!

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