Saving Doesn’t Mean Stop Living

How to Save while moving places at university

By Daksha Gehani

As a college student, there are so many expenses which make it seem so impossible to save money while in university. But fear not! Where there’s a will, there’s a way! You need to bring your will let me show you the way.

Of course, like in all stories and poems, no path is ever easy but it is all the more rewarding. And as a university student? Heaven only knows how much we need every single penny! And those pennies disappear as you constantly move during those few years. First, you move out of your parent’s place to your new dorm. Then later in your senior year, you decide to live in an off-campus apartment as you complete your coursework with internships/part-time jobs. And then after graduation, you move places again to an apartment closer to your workplace. Moving entails a lot of costs not just actively but passively as well. Let’s explore the path where you grow:

  1. Let your inner Picasso out!

Since you are aware you will be moving son, it is best to save up money for when you get a proper apartment after graduation. Until then, being frugal is the way to go! And the best way to do that and have fun at the same time is let your inner creativity out!

You can DIY all your home decor and make them group activities for fun. The materials will cost less and you can explore your inner Picasso!

You can also frequent garage sales and flea markets as well as secondhand stores for secondhand furniture. Save buying the new furniture for the final move after graduation. Until then, make secondhand products your new personal trend.

Additionally, you can customize your meals into meal plans by working out your grocery budget to the max. The more you save, the better of life you can reward yourself with after graduation. It will also help you stay on top of your student loans and keep your budget in place.

  1. Explore your options

Explore your options depending on where you’re moving. If you have some muscular friends who can either lend a hand or blessed friends who can lend a truck, borrow their helping hand and get to moving your things using that.

If you have neither, you may have to just hire a moving van or a moving company to do your work. In that case, it will be a big expense but worth it so you don’t damage your furniture. Make sure you explore all your options so you can compare prices and arrive at the best (i mean cheapest) option. Money is not the only factor, make sure you check for online reviews and avoid scams. Money does not guarantee the quality of service so research your companies thoroughly.

If you don’t have too much fragile furniture or items to move out, you can simply hire a helper but remember to do an online check on them as well. A helper is a much more affordable option.

  1. Let it Go

As you move places, you will face a lack of space and find yourself cluttered with unimportant items while being cramped in a small space. Before moving, make sure to do a thorough cleaning of your belongings so you can declutter.

Let go of items you don’t use or have no need for anymore and sell all that you have no need for but can be reused by others like old textbooks. Make sure you include your furniture int his letting go phase. Not all of your furniture has to be taken to your new place, some have outgrown their use and some have no more place in your life so you can throw, sell or give it away.

  1. Insure to assure

If you are moving places between states or countries, it will be beneficial to acquire moving insurance. It will take a bite out of your wallet but is good for the moving term as it ensures the safety and intactness of your possessions. The risk is usually low and the assurance quite satisfying.

Don’t panic and break your budget trying to accommodate your move(s). You can use simple and small strategies to reduce your expenditure and by the nth time you move, you’ll be well versed enough to write an article on it!

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