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5 Budget Friendly Tools to Stay Fit

5 Budget Friendly Ways To Stay Fit

By Mariam Khawer

The inspiration, power, or ability to look or feel good about your body doesn’t come from your wallet. A $50 bottle may be cute, but, it takes a lot more than that to stay hydrated, and probably even more, to stay disciplined enough to get fit. None of this has got anything to do with “how much” you spend on equipment or tools. Fitness, like many other things, isn’t reserved for the “rich only”. You are cool enough to sit as the table. If you know where the table is, and why you’re there to begin with.

Start simple, if you haven’t started yet. A $1000 gym membership or an entire line of sports clothing can be both extra and expensive for a newbie to fitness. Here’s a quick guide on staying fit – mentally, physically, and financially

1) Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is what readily comes to mind when thinking about pocket-friendly fitness equipment. Skipping is an aerobic activity that can help you burn the excess fat in your body. Fitness coaches and athletes have suggested that skipping could be a better method of shedding body fat than other more common practices such as jogging and running. The use of a skipping rope affords flexibility as it allows you to regulate the intensity of your jumps. There are different weights and categories of skipping ropes for different individuals based on the rate at which they want their weight reduced. Therefore, you will find a skipping rope with the perfect specifications that meet your fitness requirements. And it is quite cheap. Most skipping ropes cost less than $15.

2) Dumbbell

If you want to build your muscles, then a pair of dumbbells is a must. Dumbbells provide you with the opportunity to gain lean muscle mass without necessarily having to hit the gym. You do not even need ample space to perform your exercise when using dumbbells. Dumbbells come in different weights, and you can choose the right weight for your fitness regime. It is also to get dumbbells with adjustable weights.

The price of dumbbells varies as per your body-type, muscle strength and the amount of weight you would like to press. The average cost is about $3 per pound. Therefore you can get a pair of dumbbells, with each weighing ten pounds, for around $60.

3) TRX System

Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) is a technique of body-weight exercise that makes use of your body weight against gravity to enhance the endurance level of the core stabilisers of your body. The TRX System is a fitness tool invented by a US naval officer in the late 1990s. It consists of two straps made of high-quality nylon. The straps are suspended to at height at one end. At the other end of each strap is a hoop-like handle that you can hold in such a way that you are leaning your weight against gravity. It is an efficient way of working out without the use of a machine. As said earlier, it can help you improve your stability. Also, by increasing metabolic rates, it helps you to build lean muscle.

4) Yoga Mat/Fitness Mat

A yoga or fitness mat will come in handy for several fitness activities that you perform. There are several body-weight activities that you can complete to enhance your fitness. Examples include push-ups and figure-four bridge, among others. These will require the use of a mat.

5) Bands & Balls

Like skipping ropes, stability balls are underrated. They have not widely used. However, they are useful if you are getting involved in exercises where flexible support is needed. If you want to improve your stability, then I will advise you to go for a stability ball. Most of them cost between $10 and $30 on Amazon.

The elastic bands can help you build lean muscle. There are several ways of using resistance bands. You hold each end of the elastic band in your hands, stretch it taut and then slacken it. Repeat this process for several minutes, and you will be surprised by the kind of results you get after a few sessions.

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