Money Mindsets

Money Mindsets Quiz

1.  An average American spends around $_______ on fitness every month.

A. $155

B. $112

C. $250

Answer: A – $115 is the average spend on fitness by an average American

2. Which of these methods of exercising sound the cheapest and budget-friendly?

A. Using YouTube

B. Using a Skipping Rope

C. Using a Home Gym

Answer: A – YouTube is a free service which can be used to access free exercising classes online

3. What does TRX stand for?

A. Tough Resistant Exercise

B. Total Resistance Exercise

C. Total Resistance Extreme

Answer: B – Total Resistance Exercise

4. What is the best financial advice that can be given to Fitness beginners?

A. Don’t Pursue Fitness

B. Don’t Buy Equipment

C. Don’t spend on memberships

Answer: C – Avoiding memberships and pursuing Fitness on budget using YouTube reduces financial strain.

5. What is a cheap form of exercise activity that can be done in the summer?

A. Indoor Sports

B. Lifting Weights

C. Strolling in Malls

Answer: C – Strolling in Malls can be a great and free way to get some exercise.

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