1-2-3 Go

1-2-3 Go Quiz

1. What is the best method you could use to attain financial goals?

A. Weekly Tabulation of Expenses

B. Visualization of your Financial Expenditures

C. Reviewing Allocations and Budgeting

Answer: C- Visualization of the goal can help pinpoint where you need to head towards financially

2. How does being financially aware benefit your daily life?

A. It enables you to set the right financial targets

B. It identifies where you should cut costs

C. It helps increase monetary savings

Answer: A – Having some awareness of financial tabulations can help individuals identify the right target areas which require financial management

3. How do you find your perfect financial strategy?

A. Search for the best budgeting tools

B. Narrow down your financial targets

C. Adopt a large number of budget allocation styles

Answer: B – Narrowing down where you need to work on financial will help focus your financial plan to be as effective for you as possible

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