Styling on a Budget

Tempting online sales?

By Daksha Gehani

Sales make people go haywire, spending and buying left, right and center. Which isn’t a bad thing if you’ve got the money. While on a budget, and with the intention to save, shopping on sale can be quite different.

Here are three tips to help you navigate through saving and shopping:

  1. Cash, not card

When we use magnetic plastic cards to purchase our things, we end up spending more than we intend to. And that kind of expense can create a dent in the savings bank and the haggard lines in our budget schedule. The trick here is to carry only cash with you, a certain amount allocated for transport, a certain for any other errands needed to run and an exact amount for shopping.

This way, even if your desires get the best of you, you have no way of going through with it without the money to buy so. As you pay with cash, it makes the transaction more real and makes you more aware of how much money really is going out.

What we see, we believe after all.

  1. Quality over quantity

When shopping, you notice many products are at a lesser price but it is necessary to stick to quality over quantity. For example, in the case of clothes, instead of buying many of them at less price, it is wiser to buy a few clothes based on use, the comfort of clothing material, how weather-friendly it is and style.

Same would apply to food as well, buying products based on your meal plan for the month is better, however, if a deal is particularly good on products that don’t expire or perish that fast, then buying them would be a good decision. It all depends on evaluating your budget and plan.

  1. Cut down on brands

There are many products that you can use generic instead of branded. Branded products are well and good but generic is good enough, not lacking much in quality and at an affordable price for all. Wherever there is less risk of damage, for example, ketchup, it is advisable to buy generic instead. Same can be applied to detergent, bleach, hair clips, etc. For sensitive aspects like shampoo, it is best to stick to what suits your body.

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