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In-Store or Online?

Nowadays, many purchases involve both digital and physical browsing of goods. A purchase begins with online research followed by a visit to the store to make a purchase, or conversely, a purchase may start with a customer examining the product in-store but making the purchase online.

With the prevalence of smartphones and other mobile devices, shoppers can perform their online research and price comparisons while in the store.

Let’s get straight to the point –Who’s got cheaper, better home decor: In-store versus online?

A study by Statista shows that people’s preference for shopping online decreases with age: 67% of millennials (Vs. 56% of gen-Xers) prefer to shop online.

Why do Customers Purchase Online? 👩‍💻

Aside from the ability to compare product specifications and browse reviews, here’s how online shopping is the better option:

  1. The convenience of online shopping is well appreciated by a majority who dislike being stuck in crowds, cashier lineups, etc, all 24/7.
  2. Items that are otherwise hard to find, are usually available here.
  3. Not having to use a personal vehicle or deal with parking and other transit issues.
  4. It lets you see items from multiple vendors simultaneously and saves you a lot of time.
  5. It helps you avoid distraction. No more reaching the checkout with a million different things that you don’t even remember putting in the basket. Shopping online lets you stick to what you need.
  6. Carrying things is ancient. Shop online, get them delivered and have a bag-free shop. Some online vendors even provide free shipping for your purchases

Amazon Prime, for example, provides free shipping on most items ordered through Amazon, for a small annual fee.

If online shopping is so great, why do some customers still prefer In-store Shopping? 👠

  1. To avoid the complexity of returning unwanted items. In-store shopping can be a much faster and easier option in this case.
  2. To physically interact with an item before buying, particularly with items like clothes, cosmetics, furniture, groceries etc. for quality and freshness.
  3. Goods can be obtained immediately rather than waiting for it to be shipped to your destination. Avoiding shipping costs is also a plus.
  4. The customer service factor – for those who want to speak directly to a sales representative to get further product information and advice.
  5. To enjoy shopping outings with spouses or friends, along with other activities like dining, having a speciality coffee, etc. . This is an experience in itself that people may not want a shortcut for.

In a nutshell, convenience and physical interaction were the advantages of online shopping and in-store shopping, respectively. While each of them have their own features, the final decision and effort to spend moderately and wisely is still on you. No matter which side you opt, make sure you stick to your initial ‘to-buy’ list as much as possible.

Keep calm and grab that cart!🛒

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