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Budgeting Your Bucket List

By Daksha Gehani

All of us have places we want to travel to, dresses we want to wear and games we want to play.

Written down or not, everyone has a bucket list. The hard truth is, most of our lives go by without completing even one-fourth of the list. We always keep it for later, until one day you realize you’re 50, with tonnes of money, but haven’t ticked off a single thing on your wishlist.

And now you’re old and way past your prime; grumpy ; always wishing you went on that cruise trip that you dream while going through a midlife crisis, wondering- ‘“Where did it all go wrong?!”


Bet you don’t want to be that guy?!

Well, it went wrong when you did not put those goals down in your finances. You may remember to budget for your necessities, your savings account and your emergency funds. What about putting aside money every year, for just a thing or two in your bucket list and reward yourself for all your hard work?

Saving is good, but it is even more important to separate your savings into general and goal-specific ones. This way, you can achieve your dreams early on, leaving less room for regrets as you grow up.

  1. Bake your cake and eat it too! 😎

It’s often said that you can’t get everything in life. Why though? Sure, life won’t hand it to you on a silver platter. Work your way in, a little at a time and you can bake small cakes, enough to eat for the rest of your living days!

The point is to write your bucket list ideas down. Whether you have the habit of writing things down or not, take out the time and effort for creating your wishlist. Sort them out into short and long term goals so you can prioritize to save for each of them. Spread them across your future years to achieve at least one short-term and long-term goal every year. This will be a point of motivation for you to save and look forward to a sense of fulfillment after every year of hard work.

  1. Keep an eye out 👀

It is best to keep an eye out for coupons, vouchers, and discount offers during the year for the things in your bucket list. The best time for this would be the off-season for the said item.

For example, if you want to book a week-long cruise for New Year, it’s best you look at its prices from January or February of the same year. Not only will you find more options available, but you will be able to enjoy attractive early-bird discounts.

If the item on your list is more ‘in town’, like staying at a resort, then it’s best to look for packages since the best offers are always during off-season times. Not only will this keep you ready in advance, but you’ll also have the best of your experience while keeping your budget in place.

  1. The road not taken 🛣

I’m sure you dreamt of going to Disneyland, Switzerland’s breathtaking scenery or, doing an adventure sport like scuba diving, bungee jumping or dining at that one fancy restaurant.

That’s all good, but remember – not all the items on your bucket list need to be so grand. You can add a few items that are affordable and have a wonderful vacation.

For example, visiting the public library and spending the day there or, save enough money to get yourself a spa package (with coupons, obviously!). You can even volunteer at that animal shelter you’ve always wanted to or, simply buy a stack of novels/video games/albums to engross yourself in for a nice, cozy day in.

Life isn’t just about the big and grand moments, but the many little ones that sometimes make for the greatest memories and the best encounters, the kind you’d never expect.

The point is, don’t let your bucket list define and restrict everything you do and dream of. A peaceful day at the spa could be just what you need. Make time for fuller days that let you feel alive and happy till you reach those big goals.

Don’t let your bucket list be until so late into the future or to be done immediately, in haste.

Take your time, slowly and steadily, fulfill yourself.

Ciao! 🙋‍♀

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