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It all started when we were stumped about all the money we had spent, not knowing where it had all gone (ouch). Confused, stressed, frustrated? From the countless arguments with our parents, rants to friends, and exchanging stress during morning huddles at work - we have heard this everywhere. We all know we need to spend responsibly - but the real question is, how? Discover the (simple) truth about money with Finllect.

Our Mission

At Finllect, we make financial literacy accessible to the Gen Z with our bite-sized bundles. We deliver finance in straightforward, hassle free and simple manner. No more notes to self, scribbles, spreadsheets, expensive advisors, or boring lectures - take complete charge of your finances.

Our Team

Maimoona Nalkhande

Maimoona Nalkhande

Founder & CEO

Aalia Ahamed

Aalia Ahamed

Co-Founder & CCO

Hamid Ladan

Hamid Ladan


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Our financial literacy boot camps empower students across universities and schools to understand money. We encourage our community to identify and discuss steps to achieve what matters. Learn the fundamentals of budgeting, saving, and mindful earning while studying and beyond.

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